MTSR 2016: 10th Anniversary Metadata and Semantics Research Conference: Workshops


Digital Humanities and Digital Curation (DHC)

VocBench 3 Day

GACS, Global Agricultural Concept Scheme, Working Meeting

COAR Controlled Vocabularies: Improving consistency of repository metadata



The Workshops will take place on

22nd November 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00

They are free of charge.

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Digital Humanities and Digital Curation (DHC)

Coordinated by 
Ernesto William De Luca (Georg-Eckert-Institute – Leibniz-Institute for international Textbook Research)
Paolo Bianchini (Università degli Studi di Torino)

Ontologies are the central components of semantic tools and have been present in the art and cultural area for some time. For instance, the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) supports the integration, communication and the exchange of differently structured information from the cultural heritage field. Meanwhile, there are some projects that already use these semantic technologies. For instance, a project of the British Museum (, allows the collection of all available data as Linked Open Data (LOD). Also, the implemented EU project Europeana ( focuses on the global accessibility of cultural information as LOD. According to the EU Commission, a prominent role for the future of the European knowledge and information society is played by sharing the electronic content. In 2009, the German Federal Government had decided to create a German Digital Library (Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek,, which should link numerous German cultural and scientific facilities and integrate them at European level in the Europeana.

In the 1st edition of the workshop we want to focus on the integration notions of metadata and semantic research into digital humanities and digital curation. By allocating the workshop to the 10th conference on Metadata and Semantics Research (MTSR 2016), we believe that the workshop would gain a new audience and insight to how semantic technologies are used.

In the scope of the DHC workshop, we see the need of discussing the role of semantics and metadata in combination with the personalization and adaptation of information and knowledge. The aim of the DHC Workshop is to invite the community to a discussion in which we will try to find new creative ways to handle semantic technologies in cultural heritage, especially in digital humanities and digital curation. Furthermore, DHC aims at improving the exchange of ideas between different communities involved in research concerning, among other history, educational science, digital humantities, visualization, machine learning, information retrieval, data mining, hci, etc. The workshop is especially intended for researchers working on multidisciplinary tasks who want to discuss problems and synergies.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited, to the following aspects:

•             Humanities and Digital Curation

•             Semantic-based data mining and information retrieval

•             Semantic-based profiling, clustering and collaborative filtering

•             Use of Semantic-based technologies in cultural heritage

•             Information Discovery Systems and Recommendations

•             Using Text Corpora for Digital Humanities

•             Classification Schemes, Taxonomies, and Categorization Schemes

•             Thesauri, Semantic Networks and Ontologies

•             Knowledge Modeling and Engineering

•             Automatic Categorization and Indexing

•             Big Data and Digital Humanities

•             Visualization, Digital Curation and Digital Humanities


Organizing Committee

•             Ernesto William De Luca, Georg-Eckert-Institute – Leibniz-Institute for international Textbook Research, Department "Digital Information and Research Infrastructures", Germany

•             Paolo Bianchini, Università degli Studi di Torino, Department of Philosophy and Science of Education, Research Center for digitization and creation of digital libraries for the humanities, Italy


Program Committee Members

The names of the committee members will be listed on the website.


Submissions and Reviewing Process

The following types of submissions are invited:

•  Full Papers (8 pages) reporting complete research

•  Short Papers (4 pages) presenting ongoing or preliminary research


When formatting papers, please refer to the Springer-Verlag web site, and strictly follow the Instructions to LNCS Authors .


Submission and reviewing will be managed in the EasyChair system:


Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: Extended! November 10, 2016 November 3, 2016

Notification of acceptance: November 10, 2016

Camera ready due: November 17, 2016


DHC Workshop Program

The full of the schedule of the workshop is available here



VocBench 3 Day

Coordinated by 
Armando Stellato (University of Rome Tor Vergata)
Christine Laaboudi (Publications Office of the European Union)

Funded by the ISA2 program of the EU, VocBench 3 (aka VB3) is an effort to develop a platform for collaborative editing of OWL ontologies, SKOS and SKOSXL thesauri, and other datasets based on information models of the RDF family, with particular emphasis on collaboration and multilingualism.

VocBench 3 follows the path led by its previous incarnations: VocBench, originally developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO of the UN) for maintenance of the AGROVOC thesaurus, and VocBench 2, developed by University of Rome Tor Vergata - jointly with FAO - as a general purpose platform for collaborative editing of SKOSXL thesauri.

VocBench 3 will be developed by University of Rome Tor Vergata, with an entirely new user interface and a largely revised backend architecture: VB3 aims at improving the capabilities of its predecessors, with an unconstrained RDF editing environment, dedicated support for the OWL, SKOS and SKOSXL standards, more agile user interaction and an extensible architecture.

The objective of the VB3 day is to bring together existing stakeholders and new interested users, expose the roadmap which has been laid down for the project, detailing established modeling and technological choices, show a first demo of the system and gather further precious feedback for the future of the platform

The meeting will also be a networking event for people and organizations developing thesauri and ontologies, allowing them to share their knowledge and experiences, and an occasion for interacting in person with the VocBench team.



GACS, Global Agricultural Concept Scheme, Working Meeting

Coordinated by Caterina Caracciolo (FAO of the United Nations) 

The workshop aims at discussing the future of the Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (GACS). The GACS working group, formed by CABI, FAO and NAL, delivered its first output, open to community feedback, in May 2016. Now it is time to think of its next phase. Participants in the GACS WG as well as other partners and individuals interested in data interoperability in agriculture are invited to participate in this workshop and discuss proposals on what direction GACS should take in the future. 

More information about the workshop can be found here:



COAR Controlled Vocabularies: Improving consistency of repository metadata

Coordinated by Jochen Schirrwagen (Bielefeld University) 

Controlled Vocabularies are one of the semantic glues that binds open access repositories and scholarly communication infrastructures together. They offer great benefit to the community, because they ensure interoperability between repositories and repository content, and facilitate greater discovery, tracking and re-use of research materials. Faced with recurring issues in repository metadata the workshop will discuss the need of an agreed set of controlled vocabularies in bibliographic metadata. Examples include vocabularies on resource types, access rights, version and date types. They are being developed through the use of semantic products and standards and are the work of the COAR Interest Group on "Controlled Vocabularies for Repository Assets", established in 2014.



The Workshops will take place on

22nd November 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00

They are free of charge.

Register here

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